Why you should link your Aadhaar Card to Digilocker

You may have heard about Digilocker. If you want to find out what it is, why it has been introduced, what you can do with it and how to link your Adhaar Card to it – and the benefits of doing this, then read on.

digilocker-aadhaar Why you should link your Aadhaar Card to Digilocker

Digilocker is a cloud based platform for secure storage, sharing and verification of documents and certificates. Here, we explain why should be using it.


Why was Digilocker introduced?


Digilocker’s ultimate aim is to eradicate the need for paper documents altogether for the citizens of India. It’s a key strand of the government’s Digital India programme. By reducing the need for hard copies of physical documents, there are many advantages. For example:

  • it increases security and significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud
  • it cuts down the administrative costs for government departments and agencies
  • it makes it easier to citizens to receive and services

What can be stored in Digilocker?

Each individual user of Digilocker is allocated 1GB of cloud storage space, so there is ample space to securely store all the documents a person might want to add. Each user has a personal digital locker which is separated into specific sections. These are:

  1. My Certificates – including digital documents that have been issued to the user by any government department or other agencies and uploaded documents which have been personally added by the user.
  2. My Profile – this displays the user’s profile as it appears in the UIDAI database.
  3. My Issuer – This logs the names of issuers and the number of documents that have been issued to the user.
  4. My Requester – This displays the names of requesters and the number of documents that have been requested.
  5. Directories – This displays a complete list of all issuers and requesters relevant to the individual user.

How does Aadhaar link to Digilocker?

Linking your Aadhaar card to your Digilocker account makes your profile totally secure. The biometrics contained in the Adhaar mean that it, and your number, is yours and is totally unique. This means that the verification of documents is absolutely secure – and you are guaranteed to be the only person able to access your personal files.

How to link your Aadhaar Card to Digilocker

This is a simple process. The only things you need are:

  1. Your card
  2. The mobile number registered to your Adhaar

You just need to visit: Digilocker .You will be asked to enter your registered mobile number. A OTP (one time password) will be sent by SMS to your registered number. Enter this password when prompted and your Digilocker and Aadhaar accounts will be synced and linked.

There are many obvious advantages to going through this process. For example:

  1. It’s quick and easy (You can even do it on your mobile!)
  2. There’s no need for scanning, photocopying or couriers
  3. It gives you added security
  4. Storage space for all your important documents

In a matter of minutes, you will be able to start uploading your documents and certificates to the virtual locker that Digilocker provides. You can even e-sign documents too and you will have the peace of mind that everything can be stored securely and conveniently place – and only you can access them.

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